kat laurange
Flyin' Eyeball
Art by kat laurange

Flyin' Eyeball

Art by kat laurange


About Me

Kat Laurange is a Dallas-based freelance animator and illustrator, specializing in character design, storyboards, and comic art. Since 2009, when, on a whim, she submitted sketch samples for Upper Deck's MARVEL MASTERPIECES 3, she has specialized in sketchcards, drawing superheroes and pinups, gods and monsters, for just about every single company in the sketch card industry.

She drew the story "The Little Stranger," by comics veteran Robin Furth, featured in Renae de Liz's all-female WOMANTHOLOGY. She is currently drawing up a storm and working on original content.


Watch "The Ponytail Guy" animated short.

Visit the Bowlopolis homepage for clips and rendered views of the characters.

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